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Introducing an innovative, hygienic and 
therapeutic podicure system to your 
clinic/salon. Created by a team of Podiatry 
and Beauty experts with a view to supply the knowledge and understanding to choose the correct products and use the best techniques 
to achieve the pristine podicure every time.

The Prendè Podicure training course has been designed by Podiatrist Laura Dicken, Owner of Podology, Professional Beauty Awards finalist 2014/2015, along with DLT Podiatry. Read more about the Podicure Course.


PRENDÉ Values & Vision

Our vision is to inspire the Beauty Professional with our innovative and hygienic procedures and products of the medical podicure. The Prendè Podicure training course introduces the latest products, ingredients and foot care knowledge, along with the theory and practical skills you need to enhance your salon and your clients experience.

We are dedicated to the beauty and podiatry professional. With our professional products and support we invite you to sign up for an account. Please fill out our form to register, the form is on our podiatry site DLT, after you have filled in the form and submitted it you will be sent an email confirming your account, you then will be able to see the prices of all our products.

Please apply for an account here.

For more information click here. Read more about the Podicure Course.