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Intense Mineral Soak & Salt Scrub 1kg

Himalayan and Epsom Salts scrub is detoxifying and a reparative skin care facilitator. Purging and cleansing Himalayan salts are bactericidal and fungicidal. They contain the same 84 minerals and elements found in the human body and these are sufficiently small in form for our cells to easily absorb. Salts are topically skin softening.

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Multifunctional product – Soak. Add a small amount to the footbath at the beginning of the service. The soak cleans and softens feet through a combination of apricot and peach, Himalayan and Epsom salts have a detoxifying action. Detoxifying and reparative skincare. Intensely moisturising, antiseptic and anti- inflammatory action. Essential oils add an intense aroma and therapeutic action. Provides bactericidal and fungicidal properties

The Prendè Intense Foot Salts have a dual purpose they can be used in a warm footbath as a pre treatment detox or can be applied direct to the skin as part of the Prendè Intense oil treatment ritual.




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