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The PRENDÉ Podicure Course

Pedicures are done for cosmetic, therapeutic and medical purposes. They’re extremely popular throughout the world. Pedicures are not just limited to nails; dead skin cells on the bottom of feet are gently buffed, followed by granular exfoliation, application of moisturizing creams, completed with a relaxing leg massage and nail paint.

Why a podicure is different to a standard pedicure ?
Designed by a team of podiatrists and beauty professionals. Our carefully chosen products and ingredients are backed up by techniques to help you deliver the most amazing and luxurious foot therapy while allowing efficacy in portion control, hygiene as well as adhering to treatment times.

The Prendē ORB forms an integral part of the Podicure treatment.  A hand held skincare warmer for unique warm brush application.

The Prendē ORB gives
*enhanced efficacy of product,
*portion control,
*a beautiful and totally new product delivery sensation,

Upgrading everything you do, effortlessly and effectively.

The Prendē ORB is used in the Podicure treatment to warm, oil, balms and paraffin wax pods.

Within the Podicure treatment ritual we use the application of Prendē Intense Skin and nail oil, Prendē cleansing balm, Prendē Intense paraffin wax and finish with Ureka 10% urea cream to complete the process and maximize the benefits of optimal hydration.

· The Podicure tiered emollient approach contributes to clinical efficacy and cosmetic elegance by imparting a smooth, soft texture to the skin surface. Helping to keep the skin supple at the same time as reducing water loss from the epidermis the outer layer of skin.
·  Ureka a humectant improves the capacity of the skin’s outer layers (epidermis) to increase moisture by attracting water from the dermis to the epidermis.
·  The combination of occlusive and humectant ingredients provides complementary actions in achieving and maintaining epidermal hydration and barrier function.

Our aim is to gently buff away dead skin cells and then hydrate the skin with a quadruple moisturising action, add that bit of luxury with paraffin wax application and finish with the beautifully healthy Dr’s Remedy nail polish.

Our Prendē  Podicure Course covers a wide range of practical skills:

  • Meet client expectations.
  • Learn how to conduct a thorough consultation and understand contraindications.
  • Learn the benefits of each Prende podicure product and procedure.
  • Practical tips on working wet or dry.
  • Learn how to use The Orb skincare warmer.
  • Understand the health benefits of using paraffin wax heat treatments and natural products.
  • Master foot and leg massage techniques
  • Practical tips on the perfect Dr’s Remedy natural nail polish application.
  • Deliver a hygienic podicure treatment every time.
  • How to market your new skills and increase retail sales in your salon/clinic.

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